Mary Smith - Author, Poet and Journalist

Here is part of the winning submission awarded first prize in the Leaf Books competition for a collaboration between a writer and an artist working in another art form. The project, called This Galloway is a collaboration with landscape and fine art photographer Phil McMenemy.

Grey Day at Carrick

All that day sea,
matching sky and mood
wore a grey gown –
swished softly shoreward,
away again with lazy grace.
By late afternoon dark water stains
spot smooth silk.

Her wardrobe mistress comes
pulls clouds apart,
works swiftly to remove
spoiled grey,
replaces it with silver,
tries another shot with gold,
ends with rich rippling crimson.

Hushed in wonder,
spirits lightening, I watch ‘til,
transformation complete 
she summons seabirds –
black pearl strands –
to round the shore’s neckline
before she vanishes into quiet darkness.




Mary Smith